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Put safety first. Work with the experienced crew that's been building a sterling reputation on Long Island since 1958. You'll be able to quickly and safely eliminate buildings, parts of structures, fire debris and more when you turn to our reliable and highly trained demolition team.


Speak with the family owned and operated company today, and find out which of our demolition services is right for you.

No matter what size it is, choose Pinnacle Contracting Corp. From hand crews with tools specializing in selective demolition to complete building implosion and elimination, we're the regional experts!

Improve your home or business by eliminating unwanted garages, sheds, decks and other structures. Use the reclaimed space for a more beautiful deck, a new pond, or any other project!

Stay safe and comply with regulations during your demolition.

Speak to the family owned team that's been here since 1958.


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